AS Photography


Anne Sheridan Photography is a New Jersey based company which is innovative, fun and affordable. We specialize in weddings and family portraiture. We will be traveling back to Jersey City on semi-monthly/monthly weekends to shoot our weddings and booked photographic shoots.

We have many brilliant photographers who are members of the American Photography Association and who have worked for many professional photography magazines.We also travel to New York and outlying areas.We don’t sell you the prints from your shoot like other local photography services. Instead, we give you a release from the copyright to enlarge and print your beautiful images for personal use.

This makes hiring us for your special event especially affordable because you can print your own at retail prices. We do a brilliant job, giving you over 250 digital photos, completely edited,  on an 8GB USB drive or CD for an average one-hour family shoot and a bonus A4 enlargement. Compare our prices with other photographers, where you pay for the shoot then have to buy the photos you want at higher than retail prices.

We also give you the opportunity to have a sample of your shoot for all your friends and family to see. We find this an innovative way to let you see some of your photos before the package is ready. Find out more about Anne Sheridan photography, the type of work that makes our client sought after photographers. Alternatively, you can also visit this site to schedule a booking for any kind of real estate photography and videography.